Zoom Lens with Built-in Fine Tuning and Coaxial Light

Zoom Lenses

Zoom lens with built-in fine tuning and coaxial light_Mvotem

Zoom Lens with Built-in Fine Tuning and Coaxial Light

Set to head of main lens, can change both working distance and magnification.

Download drawings as below for more details:

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1. Modular design covers a wide range from 0.09 to 180 optical magnification, with high resolution and contrast imaging.

2. Suitable for high-reflective products, such as: glass, wafer.

3. Applicable to objects with different height, fine-tuning can be attached.

4. Accurate magnification, 6 or 9 kinds of magnification available (customized also accepted).

5. Built-in fine-tuning can up to 10mm, length can be customized.

6. High repeat positioning accuracy; repeatability can up to 1um.

7. Stable and smooth zoom process, minimal central offset.

8. Universal ring light mount, you can configure the bottom light source or ring light source according to the demand.

System of Zoom lens with built-in fine tuning and coaxial light--Mvotem

You can also download the PDF file here for more details.

Function extension

Coaxial emission lighting-Mvotem

Coaxial emission lighting

  • Shadow-free illumination with infinity-parallel light.
  •  More uniform lighting with coaxial epi-illumination.

Electric zoom

  • High variable speed & precision repeat positioning with imported DC servo motor.
  • Electric control system conduct  single or double axis control via 9-pin RS-232 serial port.
  • Keep machine stable in harsh vibration environment.
Precise positioning-Mvotem

Precise positioning

  • High magnification repeatability and stability.
  • 15 mechanical positioning available.
  • Longer lifetime and  stronger with high hardness alloy material.
Zoom lens with fine tuning-Mvotem

Fine-tuning device

  • Available in narrow space, adjust knob to focus clear for objects with different height.
  • Manual and electric control from 3mm to 12mm, not need to  change working distance.

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