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Tube lens-Mvotem

Tube Lens

Zoom Lenses

Tube lens-Mvotem

Tube Lens

Install between CCD and main lens, it can change the magnification without changing working distance.

Download drawings as below for more details:

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  • system
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  • specifications
Function of tube lens-Mvotem

You can also download the PDF file here for more details.

Function Extension

coaxial zoom lens

Coaxial emission lighting

  • Shadow-free illumination with infinity-parallel light.
  •  More uniform lighting with coaxial epi-illumination.

Electric zoom

  • High variable speed & precision repeat positioning with imported DC servo motor.
  • Electric control system conduct  single or double axis control via 9-pin RS-232 serial port.
  • Keep machine stable in harsh vibration environment.
Precise positioning-Mvotem

Precise positioning

  • High magnification repeatability and stability.
  • 15 mechanical positioning available.
  • Longer lifetime and stronger with high hardness alloy material.

Fine-tuning device

  • Available in narrow space, adjust knob to focus clear for objects with different height.
  • Manual and electric control from 3mm to 12mm, not need to  change working distance.

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