Telecentric Lens

Mvotem designs and manufactures machine vision optical lens for industrial cameras (like basler, dalsa ,smartek ,etc) which all used in automated inspection systems. Mvotem has more than 10 years experience with customers from worldwide,offering low distortion and high resolution telecentric lens.

  • Sensor format: 1/3'',1/2.5'',1/2'',2/3''
  • Magnification: 0.036X to 0.37X
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    Working distance: 30mm to 225mm
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    Field of view: 63mm to 250mm
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     Models: 13 designs until 2017 
HR telecentric lens_Mvotem
  • Sensor format: 1/3'',1/2.5'',1/2'',2/3''
  • Magnification: 0.3X to 6X
  • Working distance: 65mm, 110mm
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    Field of view:1.1mm to 40mm
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    Coaxial illumination available
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    Models: 38 designs until 2017
  • Sensor format: 1/3'',1/2.5'',1/2''
  • Magnification: 0.3X to 8X
  • Working distance: 40mm, 65mm, 110mm,150mm,180mm,200mm,220mm,350mm
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    Field of view: 0.45mm to 20 mm
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    Coaxial illumination available
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    Models: 78 designs until 2017

Why Mvotem is Worth Your Trust

10000+ pcs/ yr

telecentric lens are delivered every year worldwide from factory located in China, and the number is increasing.

5 years warranty

to promise always reliable experience , we value our clients and take care of your business from the beginning.

10+ years R & D

is important for us to add more value to our customers all the time, we invest much money into the designing and testing.

Over 2300 cases

conducted in our lab or in customer sites, for clients' automated machines, auto inspect systems, OMM,etc.

If you still do not find the right lens for your applications, you can contact us directly for customized designs from our optical Ph. D.

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