MiniLED Inspection

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Inspection Requirements

Mini LED backlight is an important innovation direction in the path of LCD technology, which can significantly enhance the number of backlight partitions of display panels and improve display brightness and contrast.
Generally speaking, Mini LED refers to 100~300 micron size LED chips, with small volume and large overall usage, which need to realize batch imaging inspection.

The Solution

Fine Tuning Coaxial Zoom Lens

The zoom lens used in this optical solution has a built-in trim and coaxial light system, in addition to the lower end of the lens with a ring light universal interface.

With modular accessories, the magnification can widely cover 0.09-180x optical magnification, and the magnification fixation can be customized.

The repeatability is up to 1μm with minimal center shift.



1. In order to be able to see the Mini LED chip, magnification is required.

At a magnification of 0.52x, the long-edge field of view reaches 9.3mm and the short-edge field of view reaches 6.95mm.

Within this field of view size, the surface of a single Mini LED chip is clearly imaged, and a larger number of chips can be detected simultaneously.



Within that field of view size, the surface of a single Mini LED chip is clearer and smudges can be seen, but the number of chips that can be detected simultaneously is significantly reduced.

The two magnifications of the chip imaging effect and field of view meet the needs of the customer, and the customer can choose flexibly according to the different requirements for inspection quality and speed.

The working distance of the optical solution used for inspection is 120mm, and the working distance after adding the ring light source is 95mm, which also leaves a relatively loose space for the device to move.

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