Glass Tube——Blot Inspection

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Glass Tube

Inspection Requirements

This test product is made of glass and needs to be tested for dirty glass appearance.

The Solution

Telecentric Lens HR

Telecentric Lens: HR 

1. Infinitely long optical system that virtually eliminates chromatic aberrations and distortions for excellent picture quality.
2. Available in various magnifications, 40~220mm ultra-long working distance range for customization.
3. Excellent optical design, telecentricity less than 0.2°, aberration less than 0.3%.
4. Telecentric lens imaging is generally darker and needs to be used with a light source.

The imaging is clear and the dirt is easy to be identified.

The Lighting Source

Machine vision back light_Mvotem

Backlight is a flat panel light source, optimally designed LED arrays distributed at the bottom of the light source. The backlight passes through the special diffusion plate, which is 50% brighter than the side light guide.

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