Cylindrical Objects——Defects Inspection

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Cylinder Object

missing material                                        blot                                                  blot

Inspection Requirements

The test is a white cylinder object, requiring simultaneous detection of dirt and defects on the outer surface, inner surface and bottom. The overall detection speed of at least 150 pcs / min.

The Solution

Pinhole Lens: MV2818-2MCS

1. The object can be achieved from the outside to detect the inside cavity, and there's no need to place an optical probe in the cavity, reducing the risk.

2. This lens can inspect object with different shapes and sizes.

3. Wide field of view angle in the appropriate perspective with the lens to unfold the product surface, clearly display its characteristics.

1. Black spots show the defects on the surface, which are marked with red.

2. Small defects can be identified as long as they are visible on the picture

3. Side inspection by four stations simultaneously

4. Bottom defects

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