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1. CCTV lens support 3 and 5 megapixels.

2. Low distortion (less than 1.0%).

3. Equipped with manual aperture and focus locking.

4. High contrast and clarity imaging in the field of view.

5. Compact structure design.

6. Ultra low distortion (less than 0.1%), high transmittance.


CCTV lens that support 3 megapixels

  • MV08516
  • MV1216
  • MV1616
  • MV2520
  • MV3520
  • MV5016

CCTV lens that support 5 megapixels

  • MV2514
  • MV3518
  • MV5026
  • MV7528

You can also find all the details in the PDF file.

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