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APO Objective Lens

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1. Long working distance available.

2. No curvature in the entire field of view, no color difference, suitable for a variety of microscopes.

3. Can be specially designed, specifically suitable for near infrared and near ultraviolet, to meet the special material imaging.

4. With an infinite optical system, the focal length of the tube is 200mm. Parfocal distance is 95mm.

5. Connecting thread of the objective lens is M26X0.705.

Feature of APO objective lens-Mvotem

Function extension

Coaxial emission lighting-Mvotem

Coaxial emission lighting

  • Shadow-free illumination with infinity-parallel light.
  •  More uniform lighting with coaxial epi-illumination.

Electric zoom

  • High variable speed & precision repeat positioning with imported DC servo motor.
  • Electric control system conduct  single or double axis control via 9-pin RS-232 serial port.
  • Keep machine stable in harsh vibration environment.
Precise positioning-Mvotem

Precise positioning

  • High magnification repeatability and stability.
  • 15 mechanical positioning available.
  • Longer lifetime and  stronger with high hardness alloy material.
Zoom lens with fine tuning-Mvotem

Fine-tuning device

  • Available in narrow space, adjust knob to focus clear for objects with different height.
  • Manual and electric control from 3mm to 12mm, not need to  change working distance.

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