About Mvotem

Mvotem Optics provides optical products and solutions for industrial, military research, medical equipment and machinery equipment. Main products include:

  • Industrial camera lens.
  • Lens for scientific research.
  • Infrared lens for situations lack of light.
  • Medical instruments and mechanical lenses.
  • Laser scanning and beam expander lens.
  • Customized optical lens for special use.
Mvotem starts from 2011, and grows fast with the emerging machine vision industry. We server hundreds of thousands projects, like factory automation, vision inspection for assembly lines, screws sorting, auto parts inspection and many more projects which need industrial optical solutions.
Mvotem is located in Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and we have 3 branches. One in shenzhen, where the vision measuring and inspection market in very big; One in taiwan, so we can support customers there very quick; And one distributor in Singapore, which also have 10+ years SI experience, who's rich experience makes end customers very happy.

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